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Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, P.C. - Washington, District Of Columbia

Compensation & Benefits

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2023 compensation for entry-level lawyers ($/year) 215000

Summer Compensation

2023 compensation for Post-3Ls ($/week) 4135
2023 compensation for 2Ls ($/week) 4135
2023 compensation for 1Ls ($/week) 4135
Judicial Clerkship Bonus? Yes
Compensation/progression credit for judicial clerkship? Yes
Compensation/progression credit for other advanced degrees? Case-by-case
Other Compensation

Rothwell Figg offers a discretionary year-end bonus; state and patent bar review course and exam fees; relocation expenses; and a living stipend.

Benefits 401(k)/IRA/Other Retirement Plan
Bar Association Fees
Business Casual Dress Code
Dental Insurance
Domestic Partner Benefits
Employee Assistance Program
Family/Dependent Care Leave
Flexible Spending Account/Pre-Tax Option
Health Club Membership
Life/AD&D Insurance
Long-term Disability Insurance
Medical Insurance
Parental Leave
Profit Sharing
Relocation Expenses
Short-term Disability Insurance
Sick Leave
Technology (Laptop, PDA, etc.)
Vacation Leave
Vision Insurance
Please describe benefit package or provide additional comments

Employee's medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance benefits are 100% subsidized by the Firm.

Associate base salary (excluding bonuses) is determined by A combination lock-step and merit system
If not strictly a set lock-step system, what criteria are used to determine associate base salaries (excluding bonuses)? (check all that apply) Quality of work

Annual bonuses to eligible associates

Has your organization offered annual bonuses to eligible associates in the past five years? Yes
What factors are used to determine the amount of an associate's bonus? (check all that apply) Hours billed
Quality of work
Pro bono hours
Business development
Overall contribution (e.g., recruitment activities, firm committees)
Are same sex domestic partners afforded the same benefits as spouses of attorneys? Yes
Are opposite sex domestic partners afforded the same benefits as spouses of attorneys? Yes

Parental leave or family care policy

Does your organization have a written parental leave or family care policy? Yes
Please link to or describe your firm's parental leave policy. Be sure to include information on leave for adoption, surrogacy, or other special circumstances.

The Firm provides eligible employees, who have given birth to a child, sixteen (16) weeks of paid parental leave.  This leave consists of six (6) weeks of paid parental leave and ten (10) weeks of short-term disability leave.  Eligible employees, who have not given birth to a child, receive six (6) weeks of paid parental leave for the care of a newly born or adopted child, which enables eligible employees to take time off from work within one (1) year of a child’s birth or adoption. There is also an adjustment made to the billable hour goal for this paid leave.