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General Practice Areas Employer's Practice Group Name No. Of Partners/Members No. Of Counsel No. Of Associates No. of entry-level placements in this practice area last year No. Of Non-traditional Track/Staff Attorneys
Energy 3 3
Environmental 11 7
Real Estate/Land Use
Land Use 3 3
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Regularly taking cases to trial, prevailing when the stakes are highest -- in any forum, anywhere in the country.

For nearly two decades, Marten’s nationally recognized trial and appellate lawyers have focused on just one thing: high-stakes environmental and natural resources litigation. While our court-room experience is vast, spanning a diverse array of issues and industries, Marten has a longstanding reputation as one of the premier environmental litigation boutiques. We are often asked to support and even take the reins from much larger firms to “rescue” complex matters when courtroom success requires trial lawyers with deeper environmental knowledge. Our litigation teams are lean and efficient, because we know from experience that a big win does not require a big bill – and our lawyers’ victories span complex disputes before administrative agencies across the country, numerous state and federal trial and appellate courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. The best way to minimize the disruption of litigation is to help our clients avoid a dispute in the first place. We employ a client-centric approach, preferring to keep costly memos and rarely-effective discovery maneuvers to a minimum, in favor of embedding with and forging close relationships with our clients. This ensures that, if a dispute is unavoidable, the individuals and businesses we represent are informed, invested in our stragey, and best positioned to obtain a superior result at the lowest possible cost.

Deep energy and environmental knowledge, pivotal advice on high-stakes deals.

Marten’s environmental transactions and cleantech attorneys offer focused knowledge and experience in almost every dimension of complex energy, environmental, and related technology and real estate transactions, including: due diligence; negotiation of indemnities, prospective purchaser agreements and insurance coverage; and development of strategies for remediation to facilitate cost-effective and protective site redevelopment. We employ the full toolkit necessary to evaluate, assess, and contractually allocate the risk of current and future environmental requirements, draft and negotiate deal terms, manage interactions with regulatory agencies in connection with the acquisition, siting, and expansion of major infrastructure projects, with an emphasis on energy facilities, but also including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financial restructurings, and more. In parallel, our business lawyers provide strategic advice to innovator companies along the full spectrum of the cleantech value chain, from emerging startup and venture transactions, through commercialization and exits, to public companies.

Insider insight on regulatory and enforcement actions, strategic advice on compliance and crisis management

With their extensive and longstanding connections to federal agencies and state AGs, Marten’s team of former high-ranking government officials – including top attorneys from the White House, U.S. EPA, U.S. DOJ, and multiple state AGs – offer firsthand insider perspective on political and policymaking agendas, oversight and enforcement trends, regulatory and legislative strategy, intelligence, and advocacy, and what it really takes to avoid or escape the myriad pitfalls confronting individuals and businesses when government acts. Whether advising a client attempting to navigate an increasingly global and byzantine compliance environment, or caught in the cross-hairs of a regulatory investigation or congressional subpoena, or struggling to manage a complex, enterprise-threatening crisis unfolding in the national news, Marten lawyers have the experience, judgment, and vision to achieve a favorable outcome, inside or outside of the courtroom.