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Fenwick & West LLP - New York, New York

Workplace Environment

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Firm Policies

Please describe your firm's policies for summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers regarding employment disputes and workplace misconduct

The firm encourages all attorneys to raise any issue or dispute with their partner mentors, practice group leader, or the firm’s legal personnel group. In addition, our firm anti- discrimination and anti- harassment policy outlines a formal process for raising instances of harassment or discrimination that any employee experiences or witnesses.

Please describe specifically your firm's policies surrounding non-disclosure agreements as they apply to summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers

First and foremost, the firm has a consistent policy and practice of open door communication, through which associates have multiple avenues to speak freely and raise concerns. The firm does not have a non-disclosure policy, except with respect to client information and other firm confidential business information.

Please describe specifically your firm's policies surrounding mandatory arbitration agreements as they apply to summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers

We do not include mandatory arbitration clauses or agreements in our offer letters or policies for our attorneys.

Please describe any well-being initiatives or programs at your firm

Fenwick & West LLP has signed onto the ABA Well-Being Pledge with three overarching goals geared towards emotional, mental and physical well- being. In addition to our annual substance abuse training, we hold weekly virtual yoga and meditation classes. Since signing onto the ABA Well-being challenge, we launched a Well-Being task force comprised of attorneys and administrators from different practice groups, departments and seniority levels to address this on a firm-wide scale. The goals of this task-force include equipping employees with tools and skills around emotional and mental well-being, building a culture that is supportive for people to address problems, and empowering our people with these goals in mind.

Fenwick offers the following for all employees:

  • Auto Detailing
  • Auto/Home Insurance Discount
  • Back up childcare - Bright Horizons
  • Biometric health screenings
  • Blood Drives
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • CALM app
  • CLEO
  • Lyra Mental Health and EAP
  • CPR/AED training
  • Discounts on Zipcar membership
  • Disease management
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Eldercare support services & in home care
  • Ergonomic programs
  • Fenwick Sports Leagues
  • Financial/Personal Banking
  • Fitness & Wellness Challenges
  • Fitness & Wellness Reimbursement
  • Fitness Classes
  • Flu shots
  • FOND - Corporate Discounts
  • Fresh fruit delivery
  • Health Advocate
  • Health risk appraisal (HRA)
  • Healthy pregnancy programs
  • Lactation/privacy rooms Milk Stork
  • Non smoking workplace
  • On-site fitness center/Peloton bikes.
  • Peloton Membership and equipment discounts
  • Pet insurance
  • Referral Incentive Program
  • Transportation Benefits - Mountain View Reimbursement, and WageWorks Travel Assistance Program
  • Tutoring/ Childcare Benefits
  • Wellness and Educational seminars/webinars
  • New Employee Work From Home Reimbursement Program 

Alumni Relations

Does your organization have a formal alumni program? Yes
Does your organization have a dedicated alumni relations staff? No
What benefits are available to your organization's attorney alumni? (check all that apply) CLE/Professional development training|Community service activities|Diversity & Inclusion programs/events|Industry/practice area focused programs|Networking/social events|Pro-bono matters
Comments on Alumni Relations and Programs

 Alumni are a fundamental piece of Fenwick’s success, and we recently launched an alumni portal to strengthen ties of collegiality between Fenwick attorneys and employees and our alumni. This portal enhances our efforts in creating integrated opportunities for alumni engagement through a variety of firm touchpoints:

  • Diversity: Included alumni in applicable diversity events and initiatives such as the firm’s biennial Diversity & Inclusion Summit; Women’s Caucus events, and our Seattle-based Asian American In-House Affinity Group, comprising Fenwick clients, alumni and friends of the firm.
  • Events: Integrated alumni in all applicable client events and offered tickets and discounts to events and programs featuring Fenwick as a sponsor or host.
  • Legal Training & Career Development: Included alumni in applicable MCLE events (both internal and client-facing) and created a job board to share opportunities with alumni.
  • Pro Bono: Invited alumni to applicable pro bono events and initiatives (e.g. Justice Bus, DACA clinic, etc.).
  • Thought leadership: Launched a regular newsletter to increase communication between our people and alumni. Topics range from firm news and community updates to alumni spotlights and pro bono initiatives.