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Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP - New York, New York

Hours & Work Arrangements

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Is there a minimum billable hour expectation? Yes
If yes, what is the minimum? 1950
Is billable hour credit given for pro bono work? Yes
Is there a maximum that will be credited? No
If yes, what is the maximum?
For bonus consideration, is a pro bono hour equivalent to a required hour? Yes
Hours policy details

Creditable client hours include all approved Pro Bono work.

Recent hours history

Average annual associate hours worked in 2021
Average annual associate hours worked in 2022
Average annual associate billable hours worked in 2021
Average annual associate billable hours worked in 2022

Part-time options

Is part-time allowed? Yes
Is part-time available to entry-level? Yes
Is there a minimum percentage of full-time hours that a part-time attorney must work? No

A minimum 53% FTE is required to retain eligibility for Firm-provided health and welfare benefits.

Are attorneys who work part-time and exceed their agreed upon part-time hours compensated in some manner for the additional hours? Yes
Are attorneys who work part-time given bonus consideration? Yes

Number of part-time lawyers

Number of male part-time associates 0
Number of female part-time associates 0
Number of male part-time partners/members 3
Number of female part-time partners/members 1
Number of male part-time other lawyers 0
Number of female part-time other lawyers 1

Part-time policies

Do you have a written part-time policy for associates? Yes
Do you have a written part-time policy for partners? No
Eligibility for alternative work schedules determined by

Associates discuss alternative work schedules with their section leader.

Part-time advancement

What is the impact of working part-time as an associate, if any, on an associate's progression toward partner?


Can an associate be promoted to partner while working on a part-time schedule? Yes
In the past five years, have attorneys made partner who have worked or are currently working alternative schedules with your organization? Yes
Can a partner work on a part-time schedule? Yes

Other alternative work options

Please describe any other alternative work arrangements:

The Firm presumes that all attorneys will, from time to time, avail themselves of flexible work schedules. It is incumbent on each attorney to apprise anyone who might reasonably need to know when s/he will be not be physically in the office during normal work hours. Formal permission to avail oneself of this flexibility on an ad hoc basis is not required. The Firm also has a reduced hours program which differs from flexible work arrangements as it reflects a consistent, rather than an occasional or ad hoc, practice of being away from the office and/or not participating in either the Firm or Client business at the hours levels expected of a full-time attorney. All attorneys are eligible to propose a reduced hours schedule.

Does your organization have a written alternative work option policy (e.g., flex-time, remote, etc.)? Yes
Does your organization have an alternative track adviser? Yes
Are attorneys who work alternative schedules given bonus consideration? Yes

Non-traditional Track Attorney Info

Does your organization have attorneys on a non-traditional track? Yes
Non-traditional track attorneys - comments

To provide our clients a broader range of services and options while maintaining the highest standards of legal representation, Pillsbury has added staff attorneys in our Nashville Operations Center. Our staff attorneys are fully integrated members of Pillsbury and gain valuable experience working for prestigious clients worldwide. Our staff attorneys routinely assist partners and associates with process driven transactional, litigation and document review tasks.

Is there a separate point of contact at your organization for this type of position? Yes
If yes, please provide contact information Bernard Smith, Director of Administration, 615.622.3555
What title(s) does your organization use for non-traditional track attorneys? (check all that apply) Other
Do you hire entry-level attorneys for non-traditional track positions? No
In which practice areas do you hire non-traditional track attorneys?

Litigation, Transactional and eDiscovery

What is the minimum billable hour requirement for non-traditional track attorneys?

Our Staff Attorneys have a 1650 hours goal.

Please include any additional information about non-traditional track positions (including mentoring, evaluations, billable hours, training, benefits, opportunities for pro bono work, etc.)