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Bass, Berry & Sims PLC - Firm Wide

Workplace Environment

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Firm Policies

Please describe your firm's policies for summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers regarding employment disputes and workplace misconduct

Bass, Berry & Sims will not tolerate unlawful harassment or discrimination in any form, and will take appropriate disciplinary action regarding any employee or contract worker who violates this policy.  

Please describe specifically your firm's policies surrounding non-disclosure agreements as they apply to summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers

Attorneys are requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding Proprietary Information, Third Party Information, and Improper Use of Information of Prior Employers and Others prior to start of employment. 

Please describe specifically your firm's policies surrounding mandatory arbitration agreements as they apply to summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers
Please describe any well-being initiatives or programs at your firm

Bass, Berry & Sims has been a signatory member of the ABA's Well-Being Pledge since 2018. The firm’s hybrid work policy and associate sabbatical program aim to promote well-being.

Alumni Relations

Does your organization have a formal alumni program? Yes
Does your organization have a dedicated alumni relations staff? Yes
What benefits are available to your organization's attorney alumni? (check all that apply) Alumni directory|Industry/practice area focused programs|Networking/social events
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