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Jones Day - Dallas, Texas

Partnership & Advancement

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Two or more tiers of partner

Does the firm have two or more tiers of partner? No

Additional partnership progression information

All of our partners have the same rights and obligations under the partnership agreement. Our partnership track is typically 9.5 years and a part-time schedule is not a bar to elevation to the partnership.

Compared to other major law firms in our peer group, Jones Day's partnership record is extraordinary, with an average of 48 lawyers named to the partnership in each of the last three years. In January 2023, the Firm promoted 45 lawyers to its partnership ranks.

Jones Day’s commitment to diversity is strong and is demonstrated from the ranks of associates through the highest levels of Firm leadership.  As of December 2022, women make up 42% of our U.S. lawyers – 30% of our partnership and 50% of our associates. In the last three years, 19% of the U.S. attorneys admitted to the partnership were diverse and 47% were women.  In the United States, 11% of our partners and 22% of our associates are diverse.  The Firm’s leadership similarly reflects this commitment.