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Directory Year: 2023

The New York County District Attorney's Office - New York, New York

Professional Development

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Does your organization have a coaching/mentoring program Yes
Evaluations Annual
Does your organization use upward reviews to evaluate and provide feedback to supervising lawyers? Yes
Does your organization have a dedicated professional development staff? Yes
Does your organization give billable hours credit for training time?
Rotation for junior associates between departments/practice groups? N/A


Is rotation mandatory?
What are some of the types of training and professional development opportunities your organization offers? (check all that apply) In-house training programs
External firm-paid seminars
Continuing legal education (CLE)
Trial advocacy training
Observation opportunities
Practice group training
Other: Informal mentoring program
What roles do supervising attorneys play in the training of attorneys? (check all that apply) Presenters
Develop/design training programs
Supervise projects
One-on-one training
Does your organization have a formal evaluation program in place? Yes