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Directory Year: 2023

The New York County District Attorney's Office - New York, New York

Hours & Work Arrangements

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Average weekly hours per attorney 45
Usual scheduled working day 9:30 - 5:30
Is part-time allowed? Yes
Is part-time available to entry-level? No
Number of part-time supervising attorneys 2
Number of part-time staff attorneys 0
Eligibility for alternative work schedules determined by

Position requirements

Non-medical parental leave

Does your organization provide paid non-medical parental leave? Yes
Does your organization have a written alternative work option policy (e.g., part-time, flex-time)? Yes
Does your organization allow Job Sharing (two or more persons sharing one position)? No
How many lawyers are currently participating in a job sharing arrangement?
Does your organization allow Flex-Time (working a full-time schedule with flexible hours)? No
How many lawyers are currently working under a flex-time arrangement?
Does your organization allow Telecommuting (working remotely one or more days per week)? Case-by-case
How many lawyers are currently working under a telecommuting arrangement?

Minimum percentage

Is there a minimum percentage of full-time hours that a part-time attorney must work? Yes
If Yes, what is the minimum? 60

Additional hour compensation

Are attorneys who work part-time and exceed their agreed upon part-time hours compensated in some manner for the additional hours? Yes

Bonus possible

If so, how are they compensated? (check all that apply) Bonus consideration
Are attorneys who work "Part-time" schedules given bonus consideration? Yes