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Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP - Chicago, Illinois

Workplace Environment

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Firm Policies

Please describe your firm's policies for summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers regarding employment disputes and workplace misconduct
Please describe specifically your firm's policies surrounding non-disclosure agreements as they apply to summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers
Please describe specifically your firm's policies surrounding mandatory arbitration agreements as they apply to summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers
Please describe any well-being initiatives or programs at your firm

We are committed to promoting, supporting, and sustaining the holistic well-being of our attorneys and staff.  We instituted a set of remote work guidelines that allow our attorneys to work a minimum of eight days in the office (40%) on a monthly basis, to choose which days they will work from the office, and to work the balance of the month remotely. The guidelines offer more flexibility than attorneys would receive with a weekly mandate. For example, they can work four days in the office one week and then work remotely all days the following week.

The firm is dedicated to reducing the stigma associated with behavioral health problems, and to addressing health challenges head-on. We forged a path several years ago with a formal impairment policy focused on compassion and support for individuals with behavioral health issues. In 2019, we signed the American Bar Association’s Well-Being Pledge and launched our "Being Well" initiative for all NGE attorneys and staff.

The Being Well initiative is a multi-dimensional program that focuses on the physical, mental, social, and financial well-being of all employees. Being Well includes a year-long curriculum with monthly themes, and robust resources, activities, and training workshops. Programming and resources cover topics ranging from substance abuse to stress management to digital wellness. Some recent Being Well monthly themes included Fortify for Fall, Continue Connections, and Grow Your Gratitude.  Recent well-being programming included “Mental Health Matters: Taking Care of Ourselves and Each Other,” “Improve Your Nutrition, Increase Your Energy,” “Mindfulness in Practice,” and a Clean Up and Give Back event at a local forest preserve.

Alumni Relations

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