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Firm Policies

Please describe your firm's policies for summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers regarding employment disputes and workplace misconduct

Stinson encourages prompt reporting of incidents or disputes, regardless of the alleged offender’s identity or position, so that rapid and constructive action can be taken. All reported incidents or disputes will be kept in confidence, except as necessary to investigate, take appropriate corrective action, or to respond to any legal and/or administrative proceedings arising from the report. All concerns will be addressed as promptly as possible through investigation or other appropriate means. Retaliation against employees who either bring a complaint or assist in the investigation of such a complaint is prohibited.

Please describe specifically your firm's policies surrounding non-disclosure agreements as they apply to summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers

All firm personnel are subject to the firm’s confidentiality policy.

Please describe specifically your firm's policies surrounding mandatory arbitration agreements as they apply to summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers

The firm does not have mandatory arbitration agreements for Summer Associates, Associates and/or other non-partner lawyers.

Please describe any well-being initiatives or programs at your firm

Stinson is committed to supporting the well-being of all firm personnel. A signatory to the ABA Well-Being Pledge, the firm has established a Well-Being Committee to implement that framework and additional initiatives.  Leading the Well-Being Committee is the firm's Director of Well-Being who strategically applies the science of Positive Psychology to life at Stinson.  At the foundation of Stinson's approach is an understanding that well-being is not merely the absence of a physical or mental illness.  Instead, the program aims to help Stinson lawyers and staff reach their highest potential through innovative programming and supportive policies.  Examples of our recent initiatives include:

  • Well-Being Connectors and Champions: This network of Stinson attorneys and staff are able and willing to talk about their own experiences with anxiety, alcoholism, depression, and other mental health challenges in a one-to-one, private setting with a colleague who might be going down a similar road. Firm personnel encountering a well-being issue are encouraged to reach out to a member of this network who can serve as a resource and source of support.
  • Anti-Stigma Panel Event: This live panel event featured Stinson attorneys and staff who shared openly about their own experiences with well-being challenges such as alcoholism, depression, and anxiety.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Stinson recently introduced an enhanced employee assistance program benefit available to all Firm personnel and their household members. Benefits include telehealth therapy, text counseling, and professional support for other work-life management matters.
  • Caregiver Support Network: Launched in April 2020, Stinson's Caregiver Support Group has become a vital community for caregivers of all kinds during the pandemic and beyond. The group provides a space for firm personnel to share experiences and ideas for navigating personal and professional responsibilities. Stinson also supports caregivers with robust backup care services for caregiving needs of all kinds—including child care, adult care, and even pet care.
  • Supportive Policies: Stinson recently worked with a leading lawyer mental health expert to enhance several of our policies in support of our attorneys maintaining good health and wellness. The Firm appreciates that it may become necessary or desirable for someone to take a leave or seek an alternative work arrangement to focus on their own well-being or the well-being of a loved one. Our many supportive policies are designed to help individuals continue to be successful if and when those personal situations do arise.

Alumni Relations

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