NALP Directory of Legal Employers

Directory Year: 2023

Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

Hiring Attorney: Benjamin Gruenstein (Litigation)

Hiring Attorney: Ting Chen (Corporate)

Recruiting Contact: Lisa A. Kalen
Chief Legal Recruiting Officer
Worldwide Plaza
825 Eighth Avenue
New York, New York (NY) 10019
United States

Contact Info: Phone: 212-474-3215
[email protected]
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Our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with respect to their most challenging legal issues, business transactions and disputes. We are not, and do not strive to be, the largest law firm measured by number of offices or lawyers.

The development of our lawyers is our most important long-term objective. We hire top students and train our associates through a “rotation” system that is unique to Cravath. From the start, each associate is assigned to work on a small team of lawyers, which fosters collaboration and leads to increased responsibility early on. Then, after a period of time that typically ranges from 15-18 months, an associate will rotate to a new team, overseen by different partners and handling different types of work for different clients within the associate’s chosen department. Our system is designed to expose associates to a wide range of work over the course of their careers, while fostering direct partner mentoring and accelerated skills development within each rotation. It is a shared priority among the partnership to provide direct, hands-on training to the next generation of our Firm. Moreover, because partners must rely on the specific associates assigned to their teams rather than a firm-wide pool, partners have a strong incentive to work closely with their associates so they will develop into talented lawyers and contributing team members.

Unlike a general assignment system, Cravath’s rotation system removes the need for associates to compete for work or visibility, producing an environment that is uniquely cooperative. This ethos extends to the Firm’s partnership, where each partner has an equal vote, and all major decisions are reached by consensus.

In addition to training, we recognize that relationship-building, mentoring and the balancing of one’s career with outside interests play important roles in our associates’ professional development. We are committed to implementing and supporting initiatives that foster professional growth and encourage our associates’ connectedness to the Firm and to one another. Our Women’s Initiative facilitates networking between our women attorneys and alumnae, our affinity groups provide an additional support network for diverse associates, and further access to informal mentoring, and the Firm’s partnerships with community and other public service organizations span decades, providing numerous opportunities for lawyers to initiate and participate in pro bono activities throughout their time at the Firm.

The Cravath summer program is designed to provide law students with an experience that mirrors the life of a first-year associate. No matter which department you choose, you will find yourself working directly with partners and our clients. We believe that this approach is not only the most effective way to begin your training, but also the best way to demonstrate the culture of teamwork and outstanding client service that has built and sustained Cravath’s reputation for excellence.

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