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Dentons US LLP - Denver, Colorado

Compensation & Benefits

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2022 compensation for entry-level lawyers ($/year) 205,000

Summer Compensation

2022 compensation for Post-3Ls ($/week)
2022 compensation for 2Ls ($/week) 4,271
2022 compensation for 1Ls ($/week) 4,271
Judicial Clerkship Bonus? Case-by-case
Compensation/progression credit for judicial clerkship? Case-by-case
Compensation/progression credit for other advanced degrees? Case-by-case
Other Compensation

Entry level associates are offered a stipend for bar review and exam fees.  Entry level and lateral hires are offered a relocation benefit on a case-by-case basis.  We also offer a $15,000 referral bonus for lateral associate hires.

Benefits 401(k)/IRA/Other Retirement Plan
Bar Association Fees
Business Casual Dress Code
Dental Insurance
Domestic Partner Benefits
Employee Assistance Program
Family/Dependent Care Leave
Flexible Spending Account/Pre-Tax Option
Health Club Membership
Life/AD&D Insurance
Long-term Care Insurance
Long-term Disability Insurance
Medical Insurance
Health Savings Account
Parental Leave
Profit Sharing
Relocation Expenses
Short-term Disability Insurance
Sick Leave
Technology (Laptop, PDA, etc.)
Vacation Leave
Vision Insurance
Please describe benefit package or provide additional comments

Our robust parental leave benefit gives time to care for and bond with a newly born or adopted child.  This benefit is offered to mothers and fathers during the first 12 months following birth or award of guardianship.  A total of 26 weeks may be taken, with 18 weeks at full pay.  An 80% schedule for new mothers or fathers for 6 months in the first year after birth or adoption of a child is available, and other alternative work schedules considered on a case-by-case basis and generally approved. Flexible work hours, reduced schedules, telecommuting and off/on ramping are all available options.

The firm has generally continued salary and benefits for up to 6 months for lawyers with at least 6 months of service who require time off for illness or injury. After six months, the Firm looks to our long term disability insurance coverage.

We provide extensive wellness-focused benefits, including an employee assistance program that offers free immediate and short-term counseling (case based as opposed to a capped number of sessions), a virtual/on-site counselor available in select offices, a free headspace subscription, and monthly webinars on relevant wellness topics.  We also provide a medical premium discount to those who complete a health risk assessment and physical. 

The Firm offers a number of voluntary benefits including discounted gym membership, pet insurance, discounted home & auto insurance, and a business development allowance for lawyers, including all associates.

We also offer benefits to part-time employees.

Associate base salary (excluding bonuses) is determined by A merit system
If not strictly a set lock-step system, what criteria are used to determine associate base salaries (excluding bonuses)? (check all that apply) Hours billed
Quality of work
Pro bono hours
Business development
Overall contribution (e.g., recruitment activities, firm committees)

Annual bonuses to eligible associates

Has your organization offered annual bonuses to eligible associates in the past five years? Yes
What factors are used to determine the amount of an associate's bonus? (check all that apply) Hours billed
Quality of work
Pro bono hours
Business development
Overall contribution (e.g., recruitment activities, firm committees)
Are same sex domestic partners afforded the same benefits as spouses of attorneys? Yes
Are opposite sex domestic partners afforded the same benefits as spouses of attorneys? Yes

Parental leave or family care policy

Does your organization have a written parental leave or family care policy? Yes
Please link to or describe your firm's parental leave policy. Be sure to include information on leave for adoption, surrogacy, or other special circumstances.

In addition to what is referenced in this benefits section, we also offer a New Parent Outreach Program (“NPO”), an initiative that combines outreach, mentoring, resources, and gift-giving for new parents before, during and after parental leave.

The Firm also offers new parents an opportunity to participate in a 4-week online support group program with the goal of providing guidance during a leave of absence and helping to navigate the return from leave process.

All parents are welcome to join the Parents & Carers group which provides opportunities for lawyers and legal professionals to share their experiences and speak freely about what it really means to be a parent and professional who manages the balance between home and office. In addition to hosting and facilitating internal discussions, Parents & Carers identifies and introduces external resources to help further the goals of the group, including inviting experts on issues related to “working parenthood” to speak on topics of interest to its members.