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Pro Bono Contact

Pro Bono Contact Name Cory Talbot
Pro Bono Contact Title Partner, Pro Bono/Public Service Coordinator
Pro Bono Contact Phone (801) 799-5971
Pro Bono Contact Email [email protected]
Is the pro bono information indicated here firm-wide or specific to one office? Firm-wide
% Firm Billable Hours last year 5
Average Hours per Attorney last year 72.1

Pro Bono Participation

Percent of associates participating last year 91.6
Percent of partners participating last year 91
Percent of other lawyers participating last year 72.5

Average hours

Average hours per associate last year 70.4
Average hours per partner last year 75.5
Average hours per other lawyer last year 67.4
What percentage of attorneys performed more than 20 hours? 66.6
What was the number of actual pro bono hours contributed by the organization in the prior calendar year? 36,696.10
Does the organization maintain a written pro bono policy that sets forth the organization's commitment to pro bono? Yes
How does the organization define what constitutes pro bono legal work?

Legal and Civic Pro Bono work

Does the organization set annual goals regarding the minimum number of pro bono hours to be contributed by the organization? No

Attorney pro bono goals

Does the organization set individual attorney goals regarding the minimum number of pro bono hours to be contributed? Yes
If yes, what is that annual goal? 50 Legal Pro Bono Hours or 75 Civic Pro Bono Hours per attorney


Is an attorney's commitment to pro bono activity considered a favorable factor in advancement and compensation decisions? Yes
If yes, to what extent?

Pro bono support services

Are full-time support services (word processing, online research Lexis/Westlaw, out of pocket costs) available for pro bono representation? Yes
If so, are there any limitations?
Are associates provided written evaluations of their work on pro bono matters? Yes
Does the organization employ one or more of the following structures to manage its pro bono program and to provide training and guidance to participating attorneys? (Check all that apply): Full-time attorney in a dedicated pro bono coordination/oversight role
How is pro bono work assigned/distributed?
If an attorney is permitted to bring a pro bono case for possible consideration by the firm, who makes decisions about whether the firm will handle the matter? (check all that apply) Pro Bono Coordinator

Enabling pro bono or public interest work

Does the organization provide any of the following to enable its attorneys to participate in pro bono activities or work in a public interest setting? (Check all that apply): Sabbaticals
If so please describe

Summer associate pro bono opportunities

Are pro bono opportunities available for summer associates? Yes
Additional comments (Please use this space to provide any additional information about your organization's pro bono program including any special recognition or awards the organization has received for its pro bono work.)
What are some of the areas in which your organization has performed pro bono work in the past year? Holland & Hart has a long-standing commitment to provide legal and civic pro bono services to non-profit organizations that help others, and to those who are indigent, downtrodden, and would otherwise go without legal help. The firm expects that its lawyers will donate a portion of their time and professional services to activities that fall within traditional notions of pro bono, charitable, civic, or educational endeavors that benefit the community at large, or the communities served by our offices. In 2016, members of the firm devoted almost 64,000 hours of service to pro bono legal and civic efforts. Our Santa Fe office has received an award for commitment to pro bono legal services by the New Mexico Legal Services Corporation.

Just some of the pro bono work our attorneys handled last year includes:
A team of Utah litigators partnered with the ACLU to initiate a class action lawsuit on behalf of indigent criminal defendants challenging Utah’s statewide public defense system.

A Denver litigation associate defended a small business that operates and produces rodeos in a personal injury action. Through aggressive discovery and a motion for summary judgment, the case was settled on favorable terms. Because the operator had no insurance, the claim might have forced the business into bankruptcy.

One of our Reno appellate associates handled a complex appeal before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for parents of a teenager with Asperger syndrome involving access to special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
In our Boise office, two associates helped an Iraqi mother and daughter to sue the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to obtain citizenship. The women were declared refugees in 2008, obtained green cards, and their applications for citizenship were then subjected to unjustified delay and investigation.

Fellowship sponsorship

Does your organization sponsor split public interest summer and/or post-graduate fellowships? Case-by-case
Public Interest Fellowship Comments