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Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP - Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP

Workplace Environment

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Firm Policies

Please describe your firm's policies for summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers regarding employment disputes and workplace misconduct
Please describe specifically your firm's policies surrounding non-disclosure agreements as they apply to summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers
Please describe specifically your firm's policies surrounding mandatory arbitration agreements as they apply to summer associates, associates, and/or other non-partner lawyers
Please describe any well-being initiatives or programs at your firm

Vorys is committed to creating an atmosphere in which our people thrive.  We offer a variety of programs, benefits and resources to promote well-being – personally and professionally. 

We recognize that our talent is essential to our success and our ability to deliver superior client service. Vorys' Legal Talent Department provides dedicated resources to help advance attorneys’ careers and elevate their experience at the firm; well-being is a key focus area.  In addition, firm leaders and mentors closely monitor work allocation, work load and work quality for their respective teams to ensure we continue to take care of our people and deliver work of the highest quality.

Well-being is woven into many of Vorys' initiatives and priorities across the firm. The firm offers a variety of mental health and well-being programs and resources including through the firm's insurance plan, flexible work arrangements, structured mentorship, Vorys University well-being and professional development curriculum (see below), Vorys Gives Back community-service and pro bono projects, certified Mental Health First Aiders on staff, intentional onboarding and integration of new attorneys and summer associates, and routine check-ins with new attorney hires.

We view professional development as a key dimension of well-being and we recognize the importance of investing in our talent so they continue to grow and develop and serve our firm, communities and clients well. 

  • Through Vorys University, the firm provides comprehensive training offerings to ensure our lawyers feel supported and equipped with the tools and skills needed to succeed. Our curriculum is designed to develop and enhance not only our lawyers’ substantive and practice management skills, but their leadership and management skills as well, including topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, time management, and career development planning. 
  • The firm's team-based mentorship program provides greater clarity and alignment of performance expectations, real-time feedback, individual coaching, and is designed to support attorneys' career development and relationship building across the firm.

Alumni Relations

Does your organization have a formal alumni program? No
Does your organization have a dedicated alumni relations staff? Yes
What benefits are available to your organization's attorney alumni? (check all that apply) Career counseling services|CLE/Professional development training|Community service activities|Diversity & Inclusion programs/events|Industry/practice area focused programs|Networking/social events
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