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Jones Day - Chicago, Illinois

Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity Chair

Diversity Chair Prefix Ms.
Diversity Chair First Name Yvette
Diversity Chair Last Name McGee Brown

Diversity Contact Information

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Diversity Contact First Name Jennifer
Diversity Contact Last Name Shumaker
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Recruitment methods

Which of the following methods do you use to increase the presence and retention of under-represented groups? (Check all that apply) Diversity job fairs
Outreach to law student groups
Formal mentoring efforts
Recruit at schools with large minority populations
Bar-sponsored programs
Firm diversity committee
Recruit at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

Our Firm has focused rigorous attention on diversity.  As a global law firm with more than 2500 lawyers in 42 offices around the world, who are citizens of 50 nations and speak some 61 languages, diversity is in our DNA.  We understand that a strong team is a diverse team and that a variety of backgrounds and perspectives makes us better able to meet our clients’ needs.  It is our goal, therefore, to be the firm of choice for highly qualified diverse lawyers.  Diversity is not about numbers, however.  It is about creating an environment where people of all races, backgrounds, genders, faiths, and family structures feel welcomed and valued.  At Jones Day, our diversity mission is to empower our lawyers to use their unique life experiences to provide the best possible service to our clients. We are laser focused on increasing, retaining and advancing our diverse lawyers. 

As of December 2021, women make up 43% of our U.S. lawyers – 31% of our partnership and 51% of our associates.  In January 2020, 29%  of the U.S. attorneys admitted to the partnership were diverse and 57% were women (including six women of color). 

In the United States, 13% of our partners and 22% of our associates are diverse.  Over the past two years, 20 lawyers of color have joined the partnership in our U.S. offices, either by elevation from the ranks or laterally. Of the 153 law school graduates and judicial clerks who joined our U.S. offices in the fall of 2021, 54% are women and 24% are diverse.

The Firm’s leadership similarly reflects this commitment.  Jones Day’s office and regional leadership is the most diverse in the country (per Bloomberg Legal News) with half of the 18 U.S. offices led by a woman and/or a diverse lawyer.  In fact, many of our largest offices — Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Washington — are led by women and/or diverse lawyers.  The Partner-in-Charge of our California Region (which encompasses five offices) is a woman.  Women also lead Europe as well as nine individual offices in Europe and Asia. Women lead or are in key leadership roles for 34% of Firmwide practice groups, including three regional M&A practice groups – Europe, Middle East, and Africa; the Americas; and, Asia.  Nine of 18 members of the Firm’s Partnership Committee, which advises on partner compensation and admission, are diverse and/or female. The Partner-in-Charge of Diversity, New Lawyer Group, and Firmwide Hiring Partner are women.  Also, the Firm’s Advisory Committee this year is comprised of 51% female and/or diverse lawyers. In 2021, the managing partner named Kevyn Orr, Partner-in-Charge of the U.S.  Kevyn, an up through the ranks partner, has held many leadership positions in the firm, including Partner-in-Charge of Diversity, Firmwide Hiring Partner, and Partner-in-Charge of the Washington office.

While we have made significant strides on gender diversity, we recognize that there is much more to do to improve racial diversity in the profession and in the Firm.  We are in law schools speaking on panels, conducting writing workshops, judging moot courts, and mentoring diverse students. 

Non-discrimination policy

It is the policy of the Firm to hire well qualified people to perform the work required to provide exceptional service to clients at reasonable costs. At its core, Jones Day’s culture is one of teamwork. Dedication to and effort for common goals are key to success at all levels of the Firm. This culture of teamwork requires that lawyers and staff members from multiple backgrounds and cultures are all able to develop their potential to contribute to the Firm. 

Lawyers and staff members are expected to respect and display appropriate sensitivity to the different racial, cultural, and other backgrounds of Firm colleagues to promote effective teamwork and professional development. An integral part of this culture is to provide equal employment opportunity for all persons.

Thus, the Firm (1) adheres to applicable laws and regulations with regard to nondiscrimination against job applicants and Firm lawyers and staff members; and (2) provides equal employment opportunity in its recruiting practices and its administration of hiring, working conditions, benefits, compensation, training, opportunities for advancement, and terminations of employment, without regard to a person’s age, race, religious creed, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, color, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, or mental or physical disability or any other status protected by applicable law. All lawyers and staff members are expected to carry out their job responsibilities in a manner that comports with the Firm’s equal employment opportunity policy.

Diversity fellowships or scholarships

Does your organization or office sponsor/offer a Diversity Fellowship or Scholarship? Yes
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In 2016, we started a Diversity Conference for First year law students, Perspectives and Pathways.  We invite 60 to 100 students from across the country (all expenses paid) to spend a day in one of our offices with Jones Day lawyers and in-house counsel learning about the practice of law.  We had to cancel our 2020 and 2021 conferences, but look forward to reconvening April 8 and 9, 2022 in Dallas, TX.

Jones Day is a strong supporter of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO).  SEO provides students from under-represented populations the opportunity to get real life experience working in a law firm during the summer before their first year of law school.  In 2022, we will partner with SEO in our Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington offices—more locations than any other SEO law firm partner.  As a result of this partnership, each of these offices will welcome one or more SEO Fellows into their summer associate programs.

The Firm is also a founding member of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD).  We have just selected our ninth lawyer to participate in the year-long LCLD Fellows program.  We also participate in LCLD’s Pathfinder’s Program, the Success in Law School Mentoring Program and the 1L Scholars Program—all aimed at providing networking and business development opportunities for diverse lawyers at different stages of their legal career.  Other pipeline organizations the Firm supports include Just the Beginning Foundation, the Ohio Law and Leadership Institute, and NJ LEEP.

Affinity group information

Does your organization or office have affinity groups? Yes
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Jones Day’s commitment to diversity starts at the top with the Managing Partner.  He directed the creation of a Firmwide committee – the Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement Committee – and appointed Yvette McGee Brown from our Columbus office as its Partner-in-Charge.  Yvette was the 153rd Justice and the first African American woman on the Supreme Court of Ohio.  Under her leadership, Jones Day has established diversity committees in each of our U.S. offices to design and implement diversity and inclusion initiatives that are tailored specifically to the needs of that office/region.  We convene a quarterly call with the office diversity Chairs and partners from all of our US offices as well as London, Australia, Mexico City, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid who are interested in supporting diversity/women’s initiatives in their offices.

Much of our diversity-specific sponsorship and mentorship efforts are carried out by our firmwide affinity groups, which include groups for Women, Asian Lawyers, South Asian Lawyers, Black Lawyers, Hispanic Lawyers, and LGTBQ+ Lawyers. Our affinity programs help lawyers from diverse or historically underrepresented groups become successful and effective in their professional and personal lives. Our affinity groups are actively engaged in recruiting, mentoring, professional development, and increasing client exposure to our diverse associates.  Our affinity group leaders assign senior lawyers to check in on our younger associates, help them navigate law firm life and provide tips on building an internal network. 

Jones Day was a founding member of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (“LCLD”) and actively participates in its various programs to promote inclusion in the legal profession.  Each year, Jones Day designates two LCLD Fellows to participate in numerous professional networking events. Since 2018, Jones Day has also nominated two younger associates to participate in the LCLD Pathfinders Program each year.  Several Jones Day offices participate in the Success in Law School Mentoring Program and we also participate in the LCLD 1L Scholars program for summer associates.  All of these programs are aimed at providing mentoring, networking and business development opportunities for diverse lawyers at different stages of their legal careers.  Jones Day has also partnered with clients to provide mentoring, skill-building, networking and exposure opportunities for diverse and women lawyers

For additional information about Jones Day’s diversity, inclusion and advancement objectives and accomplishments, please visit our website at