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Directory Year: 2022

Duane Morris LLP - Firm-Wide

Partnership & Advancement

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Two or more tiers of partner

Does the firm have two or more tiers of partner? Yes
How many years is the non-equity track? 8
How many years is the equity track? CBC
Is the partnership information provided here firm-wide or specific to one office? Firm-wide

As of Feb 1 Equity Partners Non-Equity Partners
How many are men: 128 186
How many are women: 21 61
Of the total, how many are racial/ethnic minorities: 12 45

Additional equity/non-equity partnership information:

Additional partnership progression information

- Early Assessment Program for path to partnership - Participate in the Early Assessment Program in which attorneys two years out from partnership eligibility are reviewed closely against the partnership criteria so that any professional development needs can be met, and adjustments can be made, prior to actual eligibility. 

- Special Counsel track