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Cooley LLP - Palo Alto, California

Professional Development

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Does your organization have a formal evaluation program in place? Yes
Evaluations Annual
Does your organization use upward reviews to evaluate and provide feedback to supervising lawyers? Yes


Rotation for junior associates between departments/practice groups? No
Is rotation mandatory? No

Cooley College and New Associate Academy. Our training program for junior associates begins with New Associate Academy, which is focused on the essential professional skills for integrating into the practice of law as part of a team.  The training continues with  Cooley College, which is our “boot camp” for incoming first- year associates and certain junior lateral associates. Cooley College follow-on training programs take place throughout your first year. All Cooley attorneys have on-demand access to recordings and materials from Cooley College throughout the year.

Mid-Level Academy. To continue supporting our attorneys throughout their careers, we also offer the Mid-Level Academy to fourth-year associates. The Mid-Level Academy focuses on the development of management, delegation, and supervision skills, and helps associates develop a career plan that meets their particular goals.

Senior Associate Academy. To support the development of our future leaders, the Senior Associate Academy invites seventh-year associates to plan for their paths ahead, whether it be the partnership path or other routes. Topics include executive presence, developing a personal leadership style, building and leveraging a business case, and leading teams.

New Partner Academy. New partners at Cooley attend a special training session the February following their admission to the partnership, focused on leadership, business development, communication skills, and concerns specific to partner-level practice.

Leadership Training Offsite. Because learning and professional development are life-long pursuits, practice group leaders and senior leadership gather annually to discuss best practices and develop their leadership capabilities as a peer group.


Does your organization have a dedicated professional development staff? Yes
What are some of the types of training and professional development opportunities your organization offers? (check all that apply) In-house training programs|External firm-paid seminars|Continuing legal education (CLE)|Organized/formal mentor program|Trial advocacy training|Observation opportunities|Practice group training|Retreats|Other
What roles do counsel/senior attorneys play in the training of attorneys? (check all that apply) Presenters|Develop/design training programs|Mentoring|Supervise projects|One-on-one training
Does your organization have a coaching/mentoring program Yes
Does your organization give billable hours credit for training time? Yes