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Cooley LLP - Seattle, Washington

Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity Chair

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Recruitment methods

Which of the following methods do you use to increase the presence and retention of under-represented groups? (Check all that apply) Diversity job fairs
Outreach to law student groups
Formal mentoring efforts
Recruit at schools with large minority populations
Bar-sponsored programs
Firm diversity committee
Recruit at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

We strive to recruit and retain a work force that not only welcomes, but supports and promotes the interests of women, families and people of any race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. We are dedicated to maintaining a truly diverse workplace that values and celebrates differences–from the way we relate to and support each other, to the way we work together as one firm to meet the needs of our clients. It is the unique abilities and perspectives of every individual at Cooley that creates a rewarding workplace.

Diversity is represented at all levels of Cooley, beginning at the highest level with our Board of Directors. The board is comprised of 40% women and 30% self-identify as racially diverse and/or LGBTQ+.  Additionally, women chair both our Compensation and Partner Nominating Committees. Our CEO and chairman, Joe Conroy is passionate about driving change around diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession and supports industry efforts through his involvement with the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity and Women in Law Empowerment Forum.

As part of Cooley's ongoing commitment to diversifying the legal profession, we established a Diversity Fellowship Program in 2008. First-year law students with a diverse background, broadly defined, and/or who demonstrate a commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, are invited to apply for fellowships consisting of awards up to $30,000 to assist with law school tuition and an invitation to join Cooley’s Summer Associate Program.  In 2021, we launched our UK Diversity Fellowship which, similar to our US program, offers paid summer internships to outstanding university students who demonstrate a commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

The firm’s Diversity Committee was created to help us reflect the diversity of our communities and to promote communication and understanding among all of those who comprise the firm. The Diversity Committee has been a springboard for a number of programs and initiatives within the firm focused on diversity concerns. One of these initiatives is the Cooley Women’s Initiative, which provides the tools needed to achieve professional and personal fulfillment, including counseling, professional development and networking opportunities for women attorneys across the firm. Another is our Minority Associates Affinity Group, which provides a forum and resource for support, guidance and mentoring of  diverse lawyers, as well as opportunities for professional and business development through participation in networking events for diverse lawyers and allies.

Trainings related to diversity, equity and inclusion continue to be offered to all lawyers and professional staff throughout the year. Several of our partner conferences have featured keynote presentations that focused on diversity and inclusion. Keynotes have included Professor Jerry Kang presenting on unconscious bias in law firms, author Lauren Stiller Rikleen addressed generational diversity within the workplace, and renowned diversity professional Verna Myers led an interactive workshop on Inclusive Leadership. Additionally, in 2019, our Director of Diversity and Inclusion partnered with Of Counsel Michelle Galloway to visit every office in the US and in London to deliver a series of trainings focusing on bystander and ally intervention. The sessions also provided overviews of equity initiatives and firmwide internal diversity benchmarks. The trainings were customized and open to both attorneys and professional staff to effectively promote a culture of inclusion. In 2020, Cooley welcomed Dr. Robin DiAngelo for a firmwide keynote presentation to discuss the topic of white fragility and why it is so difficult to have open, candid conversations about race. Dr. DiAngelo’s keynote address followed a “summer of education,” which included small group discussions facilitated throughout the firm that focused on racial and social justice.

Cooley attorneys frequently serve in leadership roles for organizations that focus on the advancement and mentorship of diverse individuals. The firm also regularly attends diversity job fairs, sponsors and attends receptions for underrepresented law students, supports and contributes to diversity law school association symposiums and conferences, and participates in pipeline programs through the Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Law Program and the American Bar Association’s Judicial Intern Opportunity Program (JIOP).

Non-discrimination policy

Cooley believes in respecting the dignity of each individual at the firm, and all others working with us and in our offices. Each of these persons in turn is expected to show respect for each other, as well as for clients, and for others doing business with the firm. The firm’s vision and values states: “We treat each other with civility and respect, and rely on each other's humor, friendship and support to make the firm an enjoyable place to work.” Respectful, professional conduct furthers the firm’s mission, promotes productivity, minimizes disputes, and enhances our reputation. Accordingly, this policy forbids any unwelcome conduct that is based on an individual's race, color, religious creed, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, medical condition, genetic characteristics, pregnancy, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, citizenship status or any other protected status of an individual or that individual's associates or relatives. The firm is thus committed to providing a work environment that is free of prohibited discrimination, which includes harassment that is based on any legally protected status.

Diversity fellowships or scholarships

Does your organization or office sponsor/offer a Diversity Fellowship or Scholarship? Yes
If yes, is the program open to 1L
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As part of Cooley's ongoing commitment to diversify the legal profession, we are proud to offer Diversity Fellowships to outstanding first year law school students. Award recipients will receive a paid 1L Summer Associate position and an award of up to $30,000 to assist with law school tuition. The award will be paid in three installments: $10,000 upon completion of the 1L summer with the firm; $10,000 upon completion of the 2L summer with the firm; and the remaining $10,000 upon joining the firm as a full-time associate. Students who demonstrate a commitment to promoting diversity are encouraged to apply. For more information regarding Cooley’s Diversity Fellowship Program, please visit

Affinity group information

Does your organization or office have affinity groups? Yes
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Cooley’s Women’s Initiative was created in 2010 as part of the firm’s core diversity principles. It was formed to attract, retain and mentor a strong network of women attorneys firmwide. The Initiative provides the tools needed to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment, including counseling, professional and networking opportunities for women associates across the firm. For more information regarding Cooley’s Women’s Initiative, please visit

Our LGBTQ+ Affinity Group is comprised of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer lawyers and professional staff, in addition to straight allies. Throughout the year, the group hosts virtual meetings, educational opportunities, represents Cooley at national and local LGBTQ+ legal fundraisers and events, and drives recruiting by interviewing candidates at the annual Lavender Law Career Fair.

Our Minority Associates Group (MAG) is an affinity group comprised of non-partner lawyers and patent personnel with a shared goal of promoting the interests of diverse lawyers both within Cooley and within the legal profession. Founded in Palo Alto by a litigation partner when she was an associate, the group is now co-chaired by three associates and has grown to include chapters in the Boston, Colorado, London, Los Angeles, New York, Palo Alto, Reston, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC offices. The group sponsors a variety of activities in each office/region throughout the year, including opportunities for socializing and networking, along with specific programming of interest to the group.

Our Asian Pacific Islander Attorney Affinity Group’s mission is to create space for open dialogue to recognize the unique challenges Asian Pacific Islander lawyers face within the legal profession; to provide a forum for the voices, narratives and experiences of Asian Pacific Islander communities; to cultivate understanding, support and mentorship so members can feel more empowered, find strength in their own voices and become a better advocate for themselves and for those around them. In response to the increase in hate crimes against individuals of Asian descent, the affinity group hosted healing circles and firmwide educational opportunities including Dr. Russell Jeung, the founder of Stop AAPI Hate.

Our Black Attorney Affinity Group was developed as a forum and resource for support, guidance and mentoring of Black attorneys across all offices. The group meets on a monthly basis. In addition to providing a forum and resource for support, the group identifies sponsorship opportunities for the firm and supports recruiting activities geared towards under-represented minority populations. Every February, the Black Attorney Affinity Group sponsors initiatives to celebrate Black History Month at Cooley.  In response to the racial and social movements during summer 2020, the Black Attorney Affinity Group developed an which provides guidance for engaging on, deepening and expanding understanding of, antiracism and allyship work.

In 2020, the Black Professional Staff Affinity Group was developed to provide a space for our professional staff across all offices who self-identify as Black or of African descent to engage on various issues, including equity and inclusion. The mission of the group, which meets on a monthly basis, is to advocate for recruitment, retention, advancement and professional development for Black professional staff at the firm.

Our Caregivers Affinity Group is a gender-inclusive network of attorney parents and caregivers across the firm. Discussions promote sharing knowledge for best practices and designing and supporting policies that empower parents and caregivers at Cooley. In addition to the firmwide group, offices including Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and San Francisco have local chapters committed to supporting parents in law. 

In 2020, we also launched a Veterans Affinity Group with the mission to ensure the inclusion of US and international military veterans, members of the Reserve and National Guard, military family members and other allies at Cooley. The group serves as a unifying platform for veterans, service members and supporters to engage in camaraderie bound by a strong esprit de corps. The group promotes firmwide strategies to recruit and retain veterans, veteran-related pro bono work, business development initiatives with veteran-affiliated clients, and internal events in support and in celebration of service members past and present.

In 2021, our Latinx Affinity Group was developed.  The group is comprised of attorneys and professional staff who self-identify as Latinx.  The goal of the group is to facilitate a connection point, to provide a space and community to ask candid questions, provide support, share resources with one another, and advocate based on the unique challenges faced by their communities.

In addition to the affinity groups outlined above, Cooley has developed communities of diverse CXOs, investors, board members and prominent influencers across a wide range of industries, companies and government. The networks gather through private dinners with the aim of building/strengthening community and harnessing the power of diversity to yield high-impact relationships, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.