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Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, PA - Orlando, Florida

Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity Chair

Diversity Chair Prefix Ms.
Diversity Chair First Name Rachel
Diversity Chair Last Name Gebaide

Diversity Contact Information

Diversity Contact Prefix Ms.
Diversity Contact First Name Rachel
Diversity Contact Last Name Gebaide
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Recruitment methods

Which of the following methods do you use to increase the presence and retention of under-represented groups? (Check all that apply) Diversity job fairs
Outreach to law student groups
Formal mentoring efforts
Recruit at schools with large minority populations
Bar-sponsored programs
Firm diversity committee
Non-discrimination policy

Lowndes does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, sex, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, veteran status, or sexual orientation. Beyond that policy, in an effort to broaden the diversity of attorneys in the firm, the firm has placed a particular emphasis in recent years on hiring and retaining minority candidates. In addition to our regular campus recruitment program, Lowndes is proactive in identifying and reaching out to minority students. We regularly communicate with the placement officers of the law schools at which we conduct campus interviews, seeking assistance in notifying and inviting minority students to consider our firm.

Diversity fellowships or scholarships

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