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Stites & Harbison PLLC - Lexington, Kentucky

Recruitment & Hiring

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Began Work In Expected
2017 Prior Summer
2018 Prior Summer
Entry-level (non-traditional track)
Lateral Partners
Lateral Associates 1
All Other Laterals (non-traditional track) 1
Post-Clerkship 1
LL.M.s (U.S.)
LL.M.s (non-U.S.)
2Ls 1 3
1Ls 1 2 1

Number of 2018 Summer 2Ls considered for associate offers
Number of offers made to summer 2L associates
Does the organization hire school-term clerks? No
Does the organization hire 1Ls? Yes
When should 1Ls apply? Immediately after receiving first semester grades
Are split summers allowed? Case-by-case
Comments regarding Hiring Split summers allowed on CBC for second year students who interned with the firm as a 1L

2018 Summer Program

Do you accept applications for the 2020 Summer Program from Joint degree candidates graduating in 2022 or later? Yes
Do you accept applications for the 2020 Summer Program from evening students graduating in 2022? Yes
Do you accept applications for the 2020 Summer Program from Judicial clerks? Yes
Do you accept applications for the 2020 Summer Program from students at non-US law schools? No

Hiring Outside Traditional Summer Programs

Does the organization hire 3Ls? Yes
How many entry-level hires outside the summer program did you hire in [directory year - 1]? 0

Post-clerkship hiring information

Do you hire post-clerkship candidates? Yes
If yes, when should they apply? As soon as possible

Domestic LL.M.s

Do you hire US LL.M.s? Yes
In what practice areas?
Do you hire non-US LL.M.s? No
When should LL.M.s submit applications? At any time.
Preferred application materials Resume, cover letter, transcripts, and writing sample.
General Hiring Criteria Strong oral and written communication skills, strong analytical and conceptual ability, integrity, maturity, sound judgment and decision making, initiative, enthusiasm, and tenacity.
Campus Interviews Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville
University of Kentucky College of Law
University of Tennessee College of Law
Vanderbilt University Law School
Belmont University College of Law
List Any Job Fairs / Consortia Attended (previous fall) Atlanta Bar Association's Minority and Diversity Program; Southeastern Minority Job Fair; Nashville Bar Association’s 1L Diversity Job Fair

Campus Interviews

Number of Schools Visited in 2018 5
Number of Job Fairs / Consortia Attended in 2018 3