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Hogan Lovells US LLP - Baltimore, Maryland

Professional Development

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Does your organization have a formal evaluation program in place? Yes
Evaluations Annual
Does your organization use upward reviews to evaluate and provide feedback to supervising lawyers? Yes


Rotation for junior associates between departments/practice groups? No
Is rotation mandatory? No
Comments Hogan Lovells US LLP is deeply committed to the training, professional development and mentoring of each of its associates and offers practical learning opportunities, including working closely with partners and associates who are preeminent in their field. The Hogan Lovells Global Lawyer Development Framework includes 13 skills that are important throughout the career of an associate. The framework was developed to guide associate training, professional development, coaching and mentoring as well as enable associates to manage their individual development. The firm’s Winthrop Academy provides training opportunities to all firm lawyers at all levels. The curriculum covers substantive areas of law, core legal skills, business development skills, leadership development and client relationship skills, ethics and professionalism, written and oral communication skills, and a wide range of other topics of interest to legal practitioners. When associates join the firm, they are assigned to a development circle for one year with peers and two more senior associates. The goal is to help them transition and set them up for success in their first year at the firm. In addition, every new associate is assigned both a partner and an associate mentor from their practice area to assist with integration into the firm and practice area. There are online resources to help associates think through their goals and have productive conversations with both formal and informal mentors who can help associates to evaluate professional challenges and opportunities throughout their career.


Does your organization have a dedicated professional development staff? Yes
What are some of the types of training and professional development opportunities your organization offers? (check all that apply) In-house training programs|External firm-paid seminars|Continuing legal education (CLE)|Organized/formal mentor program|Trial advocacy training|Observation opportunities|Practice group training|Retreats|Other: [Week-long, firm-wide "Launch" program for new associates each year after they arrive, which includes general training topics such as writing skills and teamwork, practice specific content based on area of practice, and core business skills; practice area training at regular intervals; writing skills workshops with individual coaching sessions; communication skills workshops with individual coaching sessions; HL Winthrop Academy multi-day intensive programs (covering substantive areas of law, working in teams, leadership, building client relationships, negotiation skills, business development skills, ethics and professionalism); individualized associate professional development plans; shadowing opportunities to observe client meetings and events; and mentoring. We have three separate multi-day training programs for partners at different stages of their careers; these programs cover various leadership, practice management and business development skills.]
What roles do counsel/senior attorneys play in the training of attorneys? (check all that apply) Presenters|Develop/design training programs|Mentoring|Supervise projects|Other: [Mentors advise on associate professional development plans; partners/senior associates train and develop more junior lawyers both informally and in formal training sessions; development circle opportunities.]
Does your organization have a coaching/mentoring program Yes
Does your organization give billable hours credit for training time? No