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Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

For nearly two centuries, Cravath has been known as one of the preeminent law firms in the country. Each of our practice areas is highly regarded, and our lawyers are widely recognized for their commitment to the representation of our clients’ interests in the United States and internationally. Our work with many of the world’s most significant companies, some of which have retained us from their inception, has enabled us to develop an extremely broad-based practice. We are not, and do not strive to be, the largest law firm measured by number of offices or lawyers. Our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with respect to their most challenging legal issues, most significant business transactions and most critical disputes.

We believe the development of our lawyers is our most important long-term objective. The Firm has a unique and successful system for training and promoting our lawyers. Our partners come almost exclusively from the ranks of our own associates. Our policy is to select the most talented law students and have our partners directly train the next generation of associates. Partners make a huge investment in their associates' professional development. Through our rotation system--a system in which Corporate associates "rotate" from one practice group to another and Litigation associates "rotate" from one partner to another--associates work directly with a small team of partners and associates.

Over the course of roughly 12 to 15 months, Corporate associates develop an in-depth knowledge of a subject area--such as securities, M&A or commercial banking--and then transfer the skills that they have learned to another subject area. This system prepares associates as generalists who are extremely well-equipped to deal with complexities that arise during deals, regardless of the particular area in which they may fall. Litigation associates are also trained as generalists. By working directly with one partner during each of their rotations, Litigation associates receive hands-on training. Because partners have a set group of associates with whom they work during a rotation, partners have a strong incentive to develop their associates as quickly as possible. Litigation rotations tend to be a little longer than Corporate, averaging around 18 months. Regardless of the department you select, the benefits of the rotation system are the same—a partner will always directly oversee your training and development, and each assignment will add to your ability to master an entire matter.

Every aspect of the rotation system promotes collaboration. Unlike a general assignment system, the rotation system removes the need for associates to compete for work, visibility or bonuses--producing an environment that, while demanding, is also uniquely cooperative. Ask a current Cravath associate what he or she likes best about the rotation system and you will learn that being assigned to a team for each rotation requires you to work hard when necessary, but never for the sake of appearing busy. You will also learn that the system promotes a sense of camaraderie among the associates, with each willing to pitch in and help others.

Training is one of the many hallmarks of Cravath--the people are another. As a Firm, we are committed to devoting our time, energy and resources to implementing and supporting initiatives that not only support the professional development of our associates, but also encourage our associates to feel more connected to the Firm and one another. These initiatives range from our formal mentoring program to our Women's Initiative to our affinity groups, including affinity groups for our African American/Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino and LGBT associates.

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Contact Information

Hiring Attorney:
Michael A. Paskin (Litigation)

Hiring Attorney:
Eric L. Schiele (Corporate)

Recruiting Contact:
Ms. Lisa A. Kalen
Director of Legal Recruiting
Worldwide Plaza
825 Eighth Avenue
New York, New York (NY) 10019
United States

Phone: 212-474-3215